Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Testament to Friendship

I received Veronica's book on friendship- and like many of us, all my original thoughts on how I would proceed changed when I received it. There's something so special about holding the book, feeling its essence, and then gently turning each page with such delight and amazement.

The process of developing friendships is one that takes time, effort and a special devotion that feeds the friendship - allowing it to grow, prosper and flourish. I dedicated my work in Veronica's book as a special testament to the friendship that the six of us - Seth, Veronica, Supria, Roxanne, Rita, and myself have formed.

There's such a special excitement and magical element of surprise to see what works of creativity will find it's way into our lives. More of my pages can be seen here. Thank you Veronica for choosing this theme and planting the seeds for these pages.