Monday, March 30, 2009

Snowflakes and Tulips...

Initially I was a little stuck on Jill's book, "Designs in Nature", but once I began laying paint on the pages I became hooked with the thought and images of nature, especially of snow. I found a feather lying on the snow on my walk one morning and knew it had to be included. I feel blessed to live in a place where I have the privilege of experiencing all seasons and to see how snow sparkles like sugar on a cold, sunny winter's day. To see how plants change colour and shed their summer glory, for winter's hibernation and a new rebirth in spring. Jill's colours reminded me of summer, and Seth's of clouds and changing seasons, which led automatically to my focus on winter and changing light. Thank you Jill for such a wonderful treasure.

Friday, March 27, 2009

on paper wings

I mailed Supria's altered book, "On paper wings" off to Rita, and when she returned from a vacation in Florida it was waiting... all ready for her to add her art to the next pages... 

Oh, how can I put into words what working on this book was like to me!  Challenging, yes... because I am so used to working on my own themes... but magical because I got to learn more about the heroic Helen Keller.  What I found was the most touching was her childhood.  

Imagine, one minute "seeing" the world with all your senses, and to then have two of them vanish... how horrible, no wonder she was so frustrated and angry.  And then her teacher and life-long friend came into her life... the gifts that she gave Helen were never-ending and so inspiring... 

Here are a few sneak peaks of parts of the pages I did for "On paper wings."  You can see more "peaks" of my art in Supria's  on this post in my blog:  River Garden Studio.

Friendship - Inner Works Collaborative -Round Two

Here is the first of the pages I did for Veronica Funk's altered book, "Friendship"....The gifts brought to me in creating these pages for her book has been immense...full of joy and struggle, self-reflection, letting go and most of all finding myself and embracing all of me.

Thanks Veronica for your gift in bringing this particular book theme to our group.  For more on this journey check it out here!  And check out Veronica's great work and blog, she always has a lot to share and say ....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Come With Me to the Sea Shore....

Now that Rita Vindedzis's altered book "Gifts of The Sea" is in the skillful hands of Seth Apter, I thought it would be safe to share a few selections of the pages I worked on. Glimpses of sections can also be seen here on my blog. Loved every minute of this sea side visit. So, put on your sun screen, relax a moment, take a deep breath and please - take a look.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Soaring Light

I have completed my pages in Jill's book. Her theme, Designs in Nature, was quite inspiring to me. The book Jill chose to alter is entitled I Lift My Lamp and describes the role Emma Lazarus played in the Statute of Liberty. As I created my pages, I was guided by two concepts that came from the book...the description of Emma as a soaring spirit and the concept of light.

More images from my pages can be seen on my blog here.

Jill's book is now in Veronica's hands and I am working away in Rita's book, Gifts from the Sea.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Earth Tones, My Interpretation

I've been working in Roxanne's book "Earth Tones" for the past couple of weeks. Here are just a couple of photos, a sneak peak if you will. I didn't want to show the whole page but did want to give a sense of what I came up with. I interpreted the title "Earth Tones" as the four elements, earth, air, fire water. Here I've shown sections of fire and water. To see earth and air have a look here at my blog. I've really enjoyed working with this theme.