Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Patterns in nature are like songs to the heart

For Jill's book, "Designs in Nature" I decided to try something new...dipped paper..a technique I learnt at the Third Annual Encaustic Conference...Here is one image of the work I completed..more images can be found on my blog here!  

For me I chose the theme Patterns and Symmetry...For I so adore the patterns all around us in nature, from the spirals in shells to the patterns in butterfly wings...Mother earth has given us many magical creations with designs and patterns to inspire...so in my pages I decided to include some of these elements embedded into the dipped paper.

Song by Amy Lowell

Oh! To be a flower 
Nodding in the sun, 
Bending, then upspringing 
As the breezes run; 
Holding up 
A scentbrimmed cup, 
Full of summer's fragrance to the summer sun. 

Oh! To be a butterfly 
Still, upon a flower, 
Winking with its painted wings, 
Happy in the hour. 
Blossoms hold 
Mines of gold 
Deep within the farthest heart of each chaliced flower. 

Oh! To be a cloud 
Blowing through the blue, 
Shadowing the mountains, 
Rushing loudly through 
Valleys deep 
Where torrents keep 
Always their plunging thunder and their misty arch of blue. 

Oh! To be a wave 
Splintering on the sand, 
Drawing back, but leaving 
Lingeringly the land. 
Rainbow light 
Flashes bright 
Telling tales of coral caves half hid in yellow sand. 

Soon they die, the flowers; 
Insects live a day; 
Clouds dissolve in showers; 
Only waves at play 
Last forever. 
Shall endeavor 
Make a sea of purpose mightier than we dream today?. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the sound of silence...

I've been working on Roxanne's 'Earth Tones' - what a lovely surprise this book has been. I have gathered items throughout these six months as I've been working on the different books, and the inspiration for each one seems to come more quickly. My focus this time is not only on colour but on the sounds, both tones, of the earth. Silence is something I try to get more of in my life...to silence the man-made - traffic, television, radio...and to begin to listen to the sounds of nature. Leaves rustling in the breeze, birds speaking with one another, water moving against rock. The book itself is a treasure, and the addition of each artist's work makes it more so. Over the years my own work has been quite focused and though I've ventured out of my box in the past three years, mixing media, trying new subject matter, I think I've become more satisfied with the original work because of these great leaps of faith. I feel more grounded, more connected to this earth, and realize that my contribution adds value not only to others, but to myself. And that I can contribute to this silence with a visual story that touches another soul.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Earth Tones

Roxanne's book, Earth Tones, has arrived and moved on. The book structure that she is altering is quite unique. The pages that had already been added when I received the book were inspirational and I know she is going to love them. Her theme completely spoke to me. In short, working on this altered book was a pleasure. Below are some glimpses of the three pages I completed for Roxanne. You can also click here to be taken to my blog, The Altered Page, to see an image of one completed page.

Leaves were twinkling in every wind that blew...

Embroidered over with millions of silver flowers...

Precious stone...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You Gotta Have Friends

I had a particularly wonderful time working on Veronica's book. Her theme "Friend" is near and dear to my heart. Perhaps you read this post on my blog. In preparation for working on Veronica's book, I went through many old photos of friends and used some of them in my pages here. I also used the words to the song "You Gotta Have Friends". My favorite version is with Bette Midler singing the song She's divine!

Monday, June 8, 2009


It is amazing how creating art can change your life.  
Open a new door. 
Teach you about yourself. 
And make new friends. 
Inner works has given me all these gifts.  
The most challenging of all has been to take a theme or an idea
 of another artist 
and interpret it in your own way.

The following three photographs are a peek at my pages for Veronica
Her beautiful book has the theme of friendship...

These two photographs are a peek 
at the beginnings of my pages for 
Seth's book Distressed Elements... 

It is amazing how creating art can change your life.  
Open new doors.
Teach you about yourself.
and give you the chance to make new friends. 
Inner works has given me all these gifts.  
The most challenging of all has been to take a theme 
or an idea of another artist and interpret it in your own way.
The artists in this group come from different parts of the world... 
as I learn more about each of them 
I see that all of our journeys have a common thread,  
as if we are woven together
part of a design 
in an intricate tapestry.