Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Beautiful Sounds of Our Earth's Precious Tones!

Working on Roxanne Stout- Evan's Earth Tones book has been such an exciting and creative energy force for me. I was so inspired by Roxanne's rendition of her book which you can be amazed at here and from Rita Vindedzis's beautiful work in it here. The musical aspect of Roxanne's theme came to mind- creating a desire to connect the sounds of the earth and its tones with the treasures of the earth's music that plays in our everyday lives.

There's music in the sound of the quiet silence, in chirping bird sounds, in natural musical instruments found throughout time and symphonic music in tree branches and leaves swaying in the wind.

Our mountains and great bodies of water carry through time their own melodies, as does the gentle humming of the earth's core without any seeming movement at all. You can see some additional pictures of my work in Roxanne's book here. Can't wait to see the future works of Veronica, Seth and Supria in Roxanne's Earth Tones Treasure book!


  1. Jill - Lovely work ...I absolutely love your style, colour and flare...I think the musical aspect you emphasized is an inspiring reminder to stop daily to listen to mother earth's music...that plays for us constantly, all around us, in so many ways..if we just stop and be still long enough to enjoy the magic..thanks for this reminder...I will stop and listen the moment the pitter, patter is to be heard from the glorious life giving rain..thanks..Supria

  2. Beautiful glimpses Jill. I love your interpretation and am thrilled that I get to see and to hear the sounds that your amazingingly bright and creative pages are singing!

  3. Jill, you are so eloquent...I love to hear your thoughts.