Monday, May 11, 2009

Distressed Elements - Seth Apter's book, My Round Robin Pages - #3

It is not hard to be inspired by Seth's work...his work has a distinct flavour, one which invites the artistic mind to a deeper place of inspiration.  I found working on his book really opened up my mind to the energies of the past..Past stories, people's history..Their stories of their lives..Wondering what it would be like for the woman in the photo, holding a book.  What is her story?   Who is she remembering, while looking at the book?  Or what are the inspiring words in the book she is holding, are they providing her with the strength and inspiration to move forward....?  From what, to what????

The book medium, the written word, has itself been a great source of magic and strength for me...I find that through the written word, through books, life finds deeper meaning and comfort, whether it is for an escape or if it is a way to look at life another way, through the wisdom of the author.....The gifts from writers and visual artists who give of themselves freely, help feed the soul, give others a chance to contemplate another point of view, whether similar or different.  Check out the other post I wrote on this work, here!

All of this was what came from my time immersed in Seth's book, Distressed Elements...and  I am grateful for the opportunity.  Thanks Seth for joining the collaborative, your work is an inspiration to many, including myself.


  1. What beautiful sentiments and expression of Seth's Distressed Elements Supria. While his work is always an invitation to think outside ourselves, it also gives us an opportunity to go inward and reflect on thoughts and feelings that are created within his work. Your artistic expression has that same amazing quality- but with your unique style- gentle and so touching. I too love books- everything about them- what they tell us, what they don't tell us, and how they allow us to think about and stretch ourselves in our thinking. Love your Beautiful layers, full of that feel of history, a past, and thought. I can't wait to see and hold it for myself.

  2. Thanks Supria for creating such beautiful pages in my book and for all the kind words you shared about me in this post. I am so happy to be part of this collaboration, with such wonderful and wonderfully talented artists. I look forward to being able to look through my finished book, page by page, and be inspired myself by all the great work that you have done!

  3. Supria, your work is so beautiful, so deep in all of it's layers, and so rich with color and imagination... Roxanne