Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gift From the Sea

I've always loved the ocean, so it's no surprise to me that when I signed up for this round robin altered book collaboration I would choose Gift From the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. I have a very special copy of this book that I received for my 17th birthday and it has a beautiful inscription written inside. It's pages are discolored and worn as I've re read it numerous times and I'd like to keep it as is. I came across another book that I think would be perfect for altering. It's much larger and has more pages so I think it's better suited as we'll all be working with it. Step by Step Sushi by Katsuji Yamamamoto and Roger W. Hicks. I'll be altering this book and my theme will be Gift From the Sea. I think it works beautifully because what better gift do we get from the sea? It provides us with an abundance of wonderful fish. I researched on-line and found that when altering a book there are basically no rules, so I can proceed with my plan this way, right? If anyone has suggestions please feel free to comment.


  1. Hi Rita,
    What a great choice for your book selection. I love the theme of gifts from the sea. And although I like the beautiful fish, I just love what's on the bottom of the sea- the shells. I'm drawn to their design and colors and textures- especially the ones that have glossy glass like outer coverings. Can't wait to see how your altered book project comes to life and unfolds. Jill

  2. One of my favorite books! I can't wait to see what you do with it...

  3. Rita, can't wait to get a hold of your book and cherish my time with it...I love your theme, the sea, the lovely treasures within its vast expansive places are so wonderfully magical for me...I would love to include some of these treasures in your book somehow...the sea and seaside have many precious soothing and joyful memories ....for many I am sure...
    Can't wait, thanks for sharing

  4. Looking forward to working in your book and with this theme Rita. Gifts from the sea inspires such a wide variety of deep and as vast as the sea itself. Seth

  5. Hi Rita,
    new eyes to the blog here....
    I couldn't help but comment on the Gift from the Sea book. I altered one a while back and I have to say its one of my first altered books that sold, not that we all want to sell them. It's wonderful book to ready again and again. I've done some 8 week collage classes with discussion session about the book so it's good all the way around. Enjoy and peace.