Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009 - Cover Shots from our team project, to come?

"A Room without books is like a body without a soul" ~ Cicero...Here's to finding and nurturing our time with books in 2009 - Wishing you all a joyous 2009.

How about posting the covers of our books if we have them, unaltered, fresh and ready to begin working can post your own image of the book you are eager to alter.....Can't wait to see them ....

2009 is going to be about "Imagining the possibilities"...saying "Yes, why not" more and joyous living...Escaping from what brings me down by delving into those places and spaces that bring me joy.

Here is to you all:

"Only You" - A poem by Dan Coppersmith

No one on Earth exists quite like you
And no one is able to do what you do
The person you are
The talents you bear
Gifts that only you can share

Only you have learned
From the things you've done
Gaining perspective from the battle's you've  won

Times when you've lost
Have been priceless too
The lessons contribute
To what makes you you

The rest of the world
Can't see through your eyes
Which is why your insight
Is such a prize

The things you do
The things you say
Send ripples throughout 
The Milky Way

You're unique, amazing
Like no one else 
You have the exclusive
On being yourself


  1. Wow, you have a great poetic heart! Your words still echo in my ears. Keep it coming! Good job !
    Wishing you " A Happy New Year''

  2. I am glad I'll be able to peek in and see all of the creativity you six will be pouring into your RR journals! Awesome!
    Happy 2009!
    Peace & Love,