Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You Gotta Have Friends

I had a particularly wonderful time working on Veronica's book. Her theme "Friend" is near and dear to my heart. Perhaps you read this post on my blog. In preparation for working on Veronica's book, I went through many old photos of friends and used some of them in my pages here. I also used the words to the song "You Gotta Have Friends". My favorite version is with Bette Midler singing the song She's divine!


  1. It seems clear from these glimpses that you put a lot of thought and meaning into these pages. And all the layering is fantastic.

  2. Lots of layers and detail indeed! Can't wait to see in person what you've created Rita. Lots of reflection. Love the clock and tag of memories tied to our friendships!

  3. Your lovely visual artwork here reminds me of this thought that keeps running through my head these days..."Layers of time"...your image of the clock face, your signature bird imagery and the layers bring me into a reflective state..thinking of time, friends and change...all ever changing and enriching our lives..I am thankful for my friends, new and old and am blessed they accept me for my layers in all the imperfections and gifts...as I embrace all these layers in my friends...
    thanks for this post and delightful reflective mood you gave me with your images and lovely work