Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Patterns in nature are like songs to the heart

For Jill's book, "Designs in Nature" I decided to try something new...dipped paper..a technique I learnt at the Third Annual Encaustic Conference...Here is one image of the work I completed..more images can be found on my blog here!  

For me I chose the theme Patterns and Symmetry...For I so adore the patterns all around us in nature, from the spirals in shells to the patterns in butterfly wings...Mother earth has given us many magical creations with designs and patterns to inspire...so in my pages I decided to include some of these elements embedded into the dipped paper.

Song by Amy Lowell

Oh! To be a flower 
Nodding in the sun, 
Bending, then upspringing 
As the breezes run; 
Holding up 
A scentbrimmed cup, 
Full of summer's fragrance to the summer sun. 

Oh! To be a butterfly 
Still, upon a flower, 
Winking with its painted wings, 
Happy in the hour. 
Blossoms hold 
Mines of gold 
Deep within the farthest heart of each chaliced flower. 

Oh! To be a cloud 
Blowing through the blue, 
Shadowing the mountains, 
Rushing loudly through 
Valleys deep 
Where torrents keep 
Always their plunging thunder and their misty arch of blue. 

Oh! To be a wave 
Splintering on the sand, 
Drawing back, but leaving 
Lingeringly the land. 
Rainbow light 
Flashes bright 
Telling tales of coral caves half hid in yellow sand. 

Soon they die, the flowers; 
Insects live a day; 
Clouds dissolve in showers; 
Only waves at play 
Last forever. 
Shall endeavor 
Make a sea of purpose mightier than we dream today?. 


  1. Beautiful as always Supria...both the images and the words.

  2. Supria,
    What you've created is absolutely stunning. How can so much beauty and breathtaking work be created by thought and talented skill!
    This project and everyone's work in my book has been a daily gift for me- your work is a treasure forever. The poem you've included in your post weaves all of the things I think about together- flowers. butterflies. the ocean's waves, the clouds above and the birds, good luck dragonflies and ladybugs that make me smile. Just love the line " shall endeavor make a sea of purpose mightier than we dream today." I'm so grateful to be included in this magical collaboration! Jill

  3. Another beautiful spread Supria. You really are amazing when it comes to AB techniques. Spectacular!