Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Distressed Elements - A Journey in Seth Apter's Innerworks Altered Book

Seth Apter's Distressed Elements is my last book to work in - and what a final act it's been. Hard to imagine that this theme, initially so foreign to me- turned out to be a magical play land - prompting me to take flight within this extraordinary altered book collaboration. As seen in my post here, these pages have been inspired by Seth's phenomenal book joined by the soaring spirit of our InnerWorks group!

So thank you Seth for creating this wonderful book. It's here that I've discovered an exciting journey of layers and human construction within the depth of human emotion.
Working in this book totally filled my soul - and what could be a better ending than the creation of a new beginning- right here - just where I leave off!


  1. Art can fill the soul -- what a great expression! Thanks for these pages. I can see in them the layers of thought, the layers of meaning, the layers of creativity, and the layers of layers you have created! What a gift!

  2. jill....i have book envy now. well, more than usual.....such depth of thought and materials and meanings.....just toooooooo beautiful. and again, as always, it would be something to behold/hold/turn the pages looking deeply!!

  3. Traveling through this project has been so fascinating.

  4. Love the pages. The behind the curtain one is my favorite. Thanks for visiting me on my blog and leaving me comments!