Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coming to a Close

As our jouney through Inner Works is coming to a close, I want to thank each of you for all the hard work and creative energy that you poured into our collaboration. Every single page that was created in my book speaks to the talent that each of you posses. And I am so grateful that you shared your talents with me and that, in the end, I have both a bucketful of memories and one amazing altered book as a result.

Perhaps as a way of keeping the project alive just a little bit longer, I have decided to document the journey in a series of posts, both here and on my own blog The Altered Page. For today, I just want to send out a thank you to everybody - along with a glimpse of your amazing work!

Thank you Veronica:

Thank you Supria:

Thank you Roxanne:

Thank you Rita:

Thank you Jill:

Stay tuned for the page by page replay!


  1. Dear Seth,
    I saw your completed book as I was the last artist to work in it, and you still have me riveted at the edge of my seat- just wanting to see each and every amazing page again. You are such a tease- but I suppose all really great things are worth waiting for, with your magnificent book being no exception! Thank you for all of your inspiration and guidance along the way! You're truly a brilliant artist!

  2. what amazing pages!! bring them on!

  3. what amazing works. i must try and find some people to do a project like this with me. Wow what funxxlynda

  4. This post with the glimpse of the details are so amazing...I have been so grateful to have been part of this project and thank each and everyone of you for your participation...through the pages there have been such joys and such pushing of my creative edges...which is so parallel to life itself...and it served to remind me again...that 'I can do anything' my heart is open all have opened my heart even wider yet again....can't wait for the full page by page...and the other entries...
    THANKS Seth you are a wonderful soulful and inspirational book sits on my desk in my studio and many people, most of all myself enjoy it daily...shanti,s