Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Layers Within

I am finding our project to be both inspiring and challenging. I feel that my book and I are both literally and figuratively on a journey. As our books zig zag across the United States and Canada, we are all sharing a piece of our selves in the artwork that we create. I find the process tremendously satisfying.

I chose my theme, Distressed Elements, for several reasons. Most simply, I am mesmerized by a distressed surface - marks, scratches, dents, chips, rust, frayed edges, layers and the like speak to me. For this project, though, I also wanted to explore the layers beneath the surface. The layers within. And maybe to use this project to tap into the awareness and expression of some deeper and darker feelings. The book I have altered, Oracle Nights by Paul Auster, lends itself so well to this theme.

I have chosen to post only select images below so that when it is each artist's turn to receive the book, there will still be a sense of surprise and discovery when they open package. Some additional images can be found here on my blog, The Altered Page, as well.


  1. Love the distressed elements. Another fab project that will tease until it's all revealed.

  2. This looks absolutely wonderful...inspiring...have no doubt that it will be well received...thanks for sharing..

  3. Seth, these images are enticing and I can't wait to actually hold the book in my hands..your work is powerful, embedded with meaning, stories to be imagined and energies to be absorbed...each piece nicely works with the others....

  4. Love your post. Although I left a comment on your theme Distressed Elements on The Altered Page blog, all new thoughts have come to me while reading through your post here. You've said you've selected your theme because you are mesmerized by distressed surfaces and layers, and I can see how you've been inspired by Paul Auster's book, Oracle Nights. It's great that you've been lucky to be able to explore as you've said, the layers beneath the surface. But I'm also taken by your journey of tapping into something else, but maybe not dark. When I look at your page with the word "confessions", I think about your journey as an artist- and perhaps the unchartered and exciting territory of where you're going. I just love to keep looking at the work that you've selected to show. Can't wait to join you in this journey through your book- to explore some of my own layers and find parts of myself, yet untapped! Jill