Friday, February 6, 2009

On Paper Wings - Helen Keller Altered Book makes its first stop

Here are a couple of shots of the book I have been working on altering... the theme is on Helen Keller's life...She truly was a remarkable woman who defied the pessimists who said she couldn't pursue a life of academia or any of the other joys of life that most of us take for granted as privileged seeing and hearing individuals..She is an authentic role model for me, reminding me that if I set my mind, heart and soul on my dreams and any aspiration I can imagine...I can do anything ...In fact we can do anything.......I am in awe of her passion to learn to read, write and speak...and her pursuit of college and her activism & advocacy for all other individuals who could not hear or speak..She was a fine strong woman.  

I decided to call the altered book I am doing "On Paper Wings" as she over her lifetime wrote many letters to her many fans, friends and family ..and it was the letters that she both wrote and received that kept her motivated to keep her dream alive and make them into reality... and this determinism to accomplish all she did was kept on fire by the many admiring letters she received..perhaps because she knew she was making a difference in people's lives in whatever small or grand way.

The written word in all forms is a powerful element to our lives, such as the books of inspiration we read...or even the blogging world where we reach out to our virtual friends and those comments that come back help keep each one of our motivations alive to keep doing what we love the most..following my heart and passion is fueled by the ability to share and thank you to all of you for reading and sharing your thoughts and is a wonderful thing - the community of blogging.

The book is now on route to the lovely Roxanne of River Garden Studio, who is working with the theme: Earth Tones.  And I am now going to delve into the fabulous book I received from Veronica on the theme of Friendship...past, present and to come....


  1. Supria,
    What beautiful sentiments you've shared on the impact Helen Keller has had on your life and the message that she sends to all of us," that you can do anything". Your "On Paper Wings" is just beautiful, with all of the wonderful textural additions that I can't wait to see and feel in person. This was such a wonderful theme to select and one that I'm really looking forward to being a part of. Thank you. Jill

  2. This is absolutely lovely. I love the title, "Paper Wings." So often we treasure those letters we receive from friends. I can't remember printing out an e-mail unless it contained directions to somewhere. Lovely book and quotation. Jeanne in Oregon - part of the Disintegration Project.

  3. Your book looks beautiful Supria and I cannot wait to be able to hold it and add to it. Your sentiments are so inspiring, as clearly was the life of Helen Keller. There is a parallel happening here. Your thoughts about the blogging community resonate with me. And your beliefs that you have outlined here are refreshing.

  4. I can't stand it, it's too yummy!
    I've got to catch up with the others, too, now.
    This is a gorgeous journal and you honor her.

  5. Your book is amazing! I just love watching the progress all of y'all are making with this project - Helen Keller was such an interesting person - I remember as a school girl being fascinated reading her biography for the first time and then, of course, watching the films and stage play - I was lucky enough to work on a film ('night, Mother) with Ann Bancroft and we had a few conversations about her part in the Helen Keller movie - I like your take on Helen Keller's spirit and philosophy on life - especially knowing how it was for her growing up - against all odds comes to mind for me as well - (feel free to use that phrase if you want) Thanks for sharing your progress with us - Reva (Los Angeles)

  6. What an amazing title ..."On paper wings" imagination is flying around this.... I am so excited to be the first to work on your book! I love your cover, I actually used a little tin pill box inside mine too!! Roxanne

  7. Thanks all for such lovely comments ....again to me this is evidence of how 'love', the spirit of giving and generosity is still alive and well amongst us in the world....Helen Keller, I also imagine to be a pillar of strength, love, giving of herself ...It is awesome to me that she can still generate such powerful loving responses from around the world still to this day by her exemplary life.
    I appreciate the time you take to share your thoughts and responses to the glimpses of " Paper Wings". S

  8. Hi. I'm assuming your title is based on her quote from her autobiography, "How easy it is to fly on paper wings."