Friday, February 13, 2009

Nature's Got My Number

I finished my section of Designs in Nature and it's now been given to the talented hands of Seth Apter from The Altered Page to begin his interpretation of my theme. This has been a uniquely special project for me, being my first collaboration and on the theme of nature- an entity so a part of me that my greatest challenge has been to create just a few pages to express the feelings and energies that it evokes within me.


Our trusted, most astounding friend
With exceptions of it's forces gone awry
It is the most gracious of hosts.
Always welcoming, always accepting.
And is the singular relationship that we will ever have-
Where we are always a special "insider".

It's a soulful relationship
With all of our senses
With that which is before us.
Comprised of life's natural signatures
Nature's beauty is an unwritten seamless poem.

In its awe inspiring infinite variety of patterns
With unique colors, lines, dots, textures, distinct shapes
And its ever magical grace and style,
Throughout our lives, nature flirts with us.

We get signs.. at first, oh so subtle signs.
Revealing ever so slowly,
Little by little,
Then a bit more and more.
From trees with erupting multi layered buds
To flowers as gorgeous as we can ever imagine.

The sea, the incredible sea
Glimmering bright with tides rolling in and out,
White foam topped rolling waves
Sounds of music playing above us
And a golden mosaic of sand under our feet.

Sea creatures hidden under the shore,
Swimming in the vast wide blue-green ocean
Whose size we can't begin to fathom
Brimming with trillions of gorgeous shells,
Home to sea life we may never see.

Birds' nests filled with tiny baby birds eating berries
Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, the illuminating moon
Shining down on us with the brilliance of stars shining bright.
The amazing colorful rainbows, at times double rainbows
Born out of the magnificence of rain
Meeting the sun on it's journey out.

Tiny intricately woven spider webs
So perfectly shaped and spaced-
A weave of incomparable duplication.
Nature's designs, the greatest art work imaginable,
Is where my heart always finds home.


  1. Beautiful book Jill. And, as wonderful as these pictures are, I know from having your book in my hands that the real thing is even better! The tactile nature of your pages is not quite captured. Incredible, exciting, creative, and stunning job you did.

  2. Hi Jill, thanks so much for your lovely comment. Your work's an inspiration too. Will definitely be popping on by to see how you're going.

  3. Beautiful! I love that snappy yellow tone!