Friday, March 6, 2009

Earth Tones, My Interpretation

I've been working in Roxanne's book "Earth Tones" for the past couple of weeks. Here are just a couple of photos, a sneak peak if you will. I didn't want to show the whole page but did want to give a sense of what I came up with. I interpreted the title "Earth Tones" as the four elements, earth, air, fire water. Here I've shown sections of fire and water. To see earth and air have a look here at my blog. I've really enjoyed working with this theme.


  1. Hi Rita,
    What a clever interpretation for Roxanne's earth tones! Never thought of it in terms of the four elements. Looking at your water and fire here, and just looked at your air and earth on your blog. Your glipses of each are such a tease. Can't wait to receive it so I can see all that you've done in person!

  2. Rita: Suchan interesting direction to take this theme. These glimpses look compelling and I feel lucky that I will get to see the full pages in person.

  3. Hi Rita: I love these images...and the sacred geometry symbols for the elements....The orange is so vibrant and pulls me in...What a great way to also get people to link over to your website...which I checked out is my favourite for sure..can't wait to see your creation in person.

  4. Love them both! I must truly be a fire sign because the oranges/reds/yellows have such a strong pull for me. I do hope the full pages will be shared when they reach their destination.
    Peace & Love,