Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Soaring Light

I have completed my pages in Jill's book. Her theme, Designs in Nature, was quite inspiring to me. The book Jill chose to alter is entitled I Lift My Lamp and describes the role Emma Lazarus played in the Statute of Liberty. As I created my pages, I was guided by two concepts that came from the book...the description of Emma as a soaring spirit and the concept of light.

More images from my pages can be seen on my blog here.

Jill's book is now in Veronica's hands and I am working away in Rita's book, Gifts from the Sea.


  1. This is the coolest thing, to see how each of you works in the journals of the others. I think I would like to get in on a Round Robin one day...looks like a blast. And you know I love this piece!
    Peace & Love,

  2. so exciting what you're doing! i'm inspired

  3. Wonderfully inspiring, textural magic...and captures the theme so lovely...can't wait to see it in person..thanks for posting these images.

  4. Seth,
    Not sure why my comment isn't here. It must be in that mystery arena. Although I've told you how much I love what you've created in my book, it never can be said enough times! So glad that I will be able to cherish and look at your work for all time. Can't wait to actually see and hold the book and look carefully at all of the designs and details you've included. Thank you!!