Monday, March 30, 2009

Snowflakes and Tulips...

Initially I was a little stuck on Jill's book, "Designs in Nature", but once I began laying paint on the pages I became hooked with the thought and images of nature, especially of snow. I found a feather lying on the snow on my walk one morning and knew it had to be included. I feel blessed to live in a place where I have the privilege of experiencing all seasons and to see how snow sparkles like sugar on a cold, sunny winter's day. To see how plants change colour and shed their summer glory, for winter's hibernation and a new rebirth in spring. Jill's colours reminded me of summer, and Seth's of clouds and changing seasons, which led automatically to my focus on winter and changing light. Thank you Jill for such a wonderful treasure.


  1. I look forward to reading the page on the "forest" when I hold the book in my hands...and feathers are such lovely gifts from our fine feathered friends..wonder what were your thoughts on finding this gift on your walkway? Love the black and white feel of this page...and the feel of the white does really evoke the feeling of winter ...and love your articulation of snow sparkling like true...the glistening of snow in the winter is a joy to behold and remember...especially for someone such as myself that doesn't like winter so much. Thanks for your lovely work and posting.

  2. Beautiful pages. The stark contrast of the black and white is so powerful. And it reflects a true collaboration that your pages developed and evolved from the earlier pages in the book!

  3. Veronica,
    Love how you've selected winter as your focus. The feel is beautiful, as are your pages. Love the background snow flakes, your forest with the tree and words in the background. Can't wait to your actual artwork in person. Thanks so much for adding continued depth and feel to my nature book!

  4. i share your feelings about our great seasons...some people just don't get anything but 70 degree temps. . .i tried that.

    kudos to you, your homage to winter, to feathers, to spring, to=== your articulate and beautiful expression